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Drawing on these complementary perspectives, Horton created an ethnography that is at once intimate, highly informative, and broadly relevant.

A key goal of these campaigns was to increase union presence among farmworkers and provide workers with greater leverage in their negotiations with agricultural growers.

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University of California Press. Tompkins argues that framing pesticide overuse as a public health and environmental concern and not merely a labor issue helped build significant, albeit temporary, support for farmworker campaigns among a broader public. This work, in combination with some 60 structured and unstructured interviews with workers and advocates as well as archival research, brings sensitivity, depth, and critical insight to bear on the urgent and complex issues facing migrant and U.

2006 contest essay labor

Hypothetically, if labor hours had grown instead by 10 percent during the period, then labor productivity would have grown by 10 percent less, or 32 percent. Beyond the Union The three ethnographies reviewed here present us with an important foundation for the future study of labor unions by anthropologists. Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire. See chart 2. This consumption is possible with gains in a labor income, b profits and capital gains of businesses, and c public sector revenue. Later, as campaigns to unionize farmworkers were gaining steam in the midth century, the U. For example, businesses may increase output growth by investing in faster equipment, hiring more high-skilled and experienced workers, and reducing material waste or equipment downtime. New York: Penguin Books. Rutgers University Press. Since immigration is such a multifaceted topic, the intent of this primer isn't to give a complete overview of the controversy, but to highlight some important points. Farmworkers , which is based on a decade of ethnographic research with migrant farmworkers in California. A truly thick description of the MWU, this brilliant ethnographic portrait also raises important conceptual questions for political and legal anthropology. If productivity grows by less than expected, fiscal deficits could result; if productivity grows by more than expected, then there may be fiscal surpluses.

Thus, even as xenophobic tropes tend to paint migrant workers as antithetical to economic growth, migrant labor shores up capitalist industry in low wage sectors and constitutes a key ingredient in global capitalist development.

In these and other cases, output may be increased without increasing the number of labor hours used. Contested Labor Landscapes While each text has a distinct field site and analytical focus, they all bring together analyses of U. So, why is it important for us to measure labor productivity?

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Their engagement with such an important political institution in three distinct contexts suggests anthropologists have much more ground to cover if a robust cross-cultural exploration of labor unions is to be established in the discipline. But as with any other issue, economic analysis can provide insight into crucial trade-offs in the face of scarcity As you tackle this essay, try to think about the many different aspects on which economics can be brought to bear. And, because of this additional production, it is possible for a greater quantity of goods and services to ultimately be consumed for a given amount of work. Hardt, Michael, and Antonio Negri. Ness, Immanuel. All three books focus on U. Bullshit Jobs: A Theory.

Tompkins shows that federal legislation repeatedly failed to adequately regulate pesticide manufacture and use, leading to a host of unanticipated environmental and public health consequences. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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Zlolniski, C. In low wage industries that cannot move easily, including industrial agriculture, food processing, and extractive and service industries, migrant workers have come to constitute a key segment of the labor force Gray ; Hondagneu-Sotelo ; Lamphere et al.

Cambridge University Press. These factors inhibit migrant workers from organizing for better wages and working conditions, legitimize their exploitation, and facilitate their expulsion when demands for their labor decline.

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