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So, it would not be logical to put it at the end, right? Descriptive abstract: The two most common abstract types—descriptive and informative—are described and examples of each are provided.

Write something about factors that contribute to global warming. Stuck on Your Essay? How does this work add to the body of knowledge on the topic? This consideration is especially important when you write a research paper in world history, American history or in economics.

Example of abstract writing

Literature Review. Life has no meaning. Methods: This descriptive-analytical study was conducted on students of basic medical sciences and pharmacy through convenience sampling. The study found there is a relationship between social media use and its impact on police brutality. If you choose a topic that is too broad, you will end up writing just a general overview without an in-depth understanding. Also, reading abstracts makes your life easier when you are doing research. We recommend that you read research papers in English to get a feel for the differences in style and structure cf. What Are Eco-friendly Fuel Alternatives? What Are Dark Holes?

The latter is usually not a walk over for most people, and it takes time to understand such a subject and work on it. It deals with books, scholarly articles, and any other sources that contribute to a particular area of research.

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Abstract Essay Examples