Alexander the greats military accomplishments essay

After these teachers he had the famous teacher Aristotle. Aristotle taught Alexander in his early teen years. The first major battle he won was the "Battle of Granicus," fought in B.

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Many leaders after him have tried to complete what Alexander set out to do and could not even come close. The merciless example was provided at the city of Gaza on the Egyptian border where Alexander killed the men and enslaved the women and children, even going to the extreme of dragging the defeated commanders body through the streets of the freshly sacked fortress. He was ruthless, and his only desire was to become a powerful warrior. Philip succeeded in doing what years of fighting between city-states had not done. Alexander was influenced by the teachings of his tutor, Aristotle, whose philosophy of Greek ethos did not require forcing Greek culture on the colonized. One year later, in BCE, Alexander and his soldiers met an even larger army of 60, Persians on the plains of Issus. Aristotle, who had been taught by Plato for seventeen years, had a great impact on Alexander He also founded many other cities that were named after him. He conquered much of Asia and the Persian Empire, and left a legacy that will not be forgotten. But what made Alexander the Great so different. It was a rocky, frost-bitten campaign, which raised tensions within his own army and, ultimately, would lead to Alexander killing two of his closest friends. Alexander, an ambitious commander, satisfied all categories to qualify as a great leader. Darius sent his cavalry after them and Alexander countered with his. Those heroes are for the people who need help in their situations, especially in the action. At the age of 14 he was a Macedonian warrior, at the age of 18 he was the ambassador, and at the age of 20 he became King.

The vast empire he had fought almost his whole life was divided among many rulers. He inherited the best qualities and character of both of his parents.

Alexander the greats military accomplishments essay

All religions were tolerated. Alexander was ambushed at a narrow mountain pass Persian Gate while traversing to Persepolis; the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire. When Alexander was fourteen, he studied under the Athenian philosopher, Aristotle.

Alexander the great accomplishments

The toughest opposition actually came from a Greek mercenary force fighting for Darius. He also travelled to Libya to see the oracle of Ammon. He has inspired people since the day he started ruling. Who can this god-like person be. In 30 B. By fighting on the bank Alexander had minimized the advantage the Persians had in numbers and had rendered their deadly chariots ineffective on soft and muddy soil. But he just kept on fighting, something Alexander would do as commander. Alexander and his army of about 35, men had crossed over into Asia Minor and were about to meet the Persians on the banks of the Grancius River.

She was a deeply spiritual who taught her son about his ancestors such as Achilles and Hercules While in Egypt, he visited a temple of Amon where he was told he was going to conquer the world.

This battle was the last nail in the coffin and Alexander had finally conquered the powerful Achaemenid Empire.

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He accomplished and influenced so much in the world that he is still not forgotten. When the cities of Susa and Persepolis surrendered to Alexander and gave him treasures of gold and silver he would spared them.

Without Alexander the Great the modern world could be a very different place.

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Alexander the Great: Facts, Biography & Accomplishments