An analysis of kurtzs final words in the heart of darkness by joseph conrad

Yes, he had plundered and killed and destroyed, but in the end he acknowledged the cruelty of life and had judged it-more than can be said about the countless others that die daily in the "heart of darkness".

Why is marlow the recipient of kurtzs last words

Kurtz is judging his performance through these words. But the main reason Kurtz affects the action of this story is because he is who Marlow is looking for the entire time. See Important Quotations Explained The steamer breaks down, and repairs take some time. I will give insight in some of my own interpretations of what could be meant with this horror. He found himself lost in a world where he was somehow in an inferior position. The horror! He joins the manager in the dining hall, which is suddenly overrun by flies.

The best one can do is to guess at their meaning. They become hollow men, empty of humanity and unnaturally savage.

as marlow approaches, what are kurtzs final words?

A man named Kurtz; selfish, greedy, and powerful are just a few words to describe him amongst most respect and fear came frequently.

However, they are so nonspecific that they defy interpretation. Why does Conrad use this word this often?

The white European females are looked upon as domestic beings who should tend only to their home worlds, while the only African women is portrayed as a sexual object. The horror!

how does marlow interpret kurtzs last words

The horror! It belongs to the important scene in the book, in which Kurtz dies.

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The Final Words of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness Heart Darkness essays