An analysis of the different pressures that causes violence in society

Non-kin women have always been fair game when they strayed from their villages and their rape was a common wartime activity, just as elsewhere in the world. Witnessing violence inside the family increases probabilities of depression, anxiety, behavioral disorders and delayed cognitive development in children.

effects of violence on society

However, as we see more and more violence over time, we become habituated to it, such that subsequent exposures produce fewer and fewer negative emotional responses.

Chronic alcohol administration, at intoxicating levels, and aggressive behavior have been investigated in a few methodologically diverse studies in mice, rats, and rhesus monkeys Table 2B.

How does culture affect violence

However, in this study, social violence was considered as any action that impairs women, imposed by conducts or attitudes of acceptance or rejection which society establishes as adequate in view of the violence women suffer, as well as the social conditions involving the situation the violence victim lives in. Youth violence prevention often targeting male-to-male peer violence has focused primarily on parent-child relationships, life-skills and social development programmes, and restrictions on weapons Kellermann et al. Sociobiologic analysis portrays these behavior patterns as having evolved as part of reproductive strategies ultimately serving Page Share Cite Suggested Citation:"Alcohol, Drugs of Abuse, Aggression, and Violence. Exposure to violence increases aggression through reinforcement, through modeling, by priming cognitions related to aggression, and through desensitization. Of course, these and similar types of data based on verbal report are tainted by the amnesic effects of alcohol intoxication. Whether or not alcohol, in a range of doses ingested orally, causes a certain individual to act aggressively more frequently or even to engage in "out-of-character" violent behavior depends on a host of interacting pharmacologic, endocrinologic, neurobiologic, genetic, situational, environmental, social, and cultural determinants. Second, sexual jealousy. Key Takeaways Aggression can be explained in part by the general principles of learning, including reinforcement, punishment, and modeling. Altamirano RI. Does television viewing relate to engagement in protective action against crime? Although the names of some correspondents recur with considerable frequency, and many writers are disguised by pseudonyms, the number of individuals who enter this forum in any one year is probably not less than 5 The story is worth a detailed look because it has a lot to tell about women's self-perceptions, their perceptions of men's perceptions of them, their strategies within those social realities, and their broader strivings. In the main they are short, lyrical poems, containing no aggression towards men. Among consequences for women's health, physical and psychological complications stand out, which produce important disabilities in women, without forgetting about the social consequences that sometimes make it impossible for her to leave this violent home where her individual guarantees are violated and her individuality is denigrated.

The relationship between testosterone and aggression: a meta-analysis. In order to relate experimental preparations in animals to issues of human violence, harmful and injurious forms of aggressive behavior must be considered. Again, women redefining tradition.

root causes of violence

Strengthening domestic violence theories: Intersections of race, class, sexual orientation, and gender. The authors hypothesize that men use physically and sexually aggressive behaviors to reclaim their masculine status when it is challenged.

An analysis of the different pressures that causes violence in society

Data from studies in animals represent the primary means to investigate experimentally the proximal and distal causes of aggressive behavior, whereas studies in humans most often attempt to infer causative relationships mainly by correlating the incidence of violent and aggressive behavior with past alcohol intake or abuse of other drugs. Some hazards of television viewing: Fears, aggression, and sexual attitudes. International Action Network on Small Arms. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 58 4 , — Homicides among year-old males--United States, There is also some indication that distilled beverages are more effective than beer in enhancing aggressive tendencies in laboratory competitive task in humans Pihl et al. A majority of women mistreated by their partners suffer aggressions.
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Violence against women: theoretical reflections