An analysis of the dutch difficulties with english dialects

Under subsequent SpanishAustrian and French rulethe standardisation of Dutch language came to a standstill.

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However, the dialect variation was a serious disadvantage in the face of the standardised francophonie. However, there is no consensus on the interpretation of the rest of the text. Like German, Dutch allows arbitrarily long compounds, but the longer they get, the less frequent they tend to be.

Hij begon dan ook al vroeg met de chores, molk in a hurry en was daarmee dus tijdig klaar. A character could also vary his accent within the role, during the play, to show emotion, confusion, or losing or gaining self-confidence.

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However, the Old Franconian language did not die out at large, as it continued to be spoken in the Low Countries, and subsequently evolved into what is now called Old Low Franconian or Old Dutch in the Low Countries.

It was even partly influenced by the High German consonant shift and is the most distant to the later developed standard language to which it contributed little.

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But on the other hand, Francophone Belgians are far less proficient in Dutch; recently, Walloon schools were allowed to choose to teach English as first foreign language, instead of Dutch. There are some cases where stress is the only difference between words. However, it is not only language proficiency that affects labor market performance. Another old fragment of Dutch is Visc flot aftar themo uuatare "A fish was swimming in the water". Inflection of adjectives is a little more complicated: nothing with indefinite neuter nouns in singular and -e in all other cases: een mooi huis a beautiful house het mooie huis the beautiful house mooie huizen beautiful houses de mooie huizen the beautiful houses een mooie vrouw a beautiful woman More complex inflection is still found in certain lexicalized expressions like de heer des huizes literally, the man of the house , etc. This is partly reflected in the spelling, the singular huis has the plural huizen house s and duif becomes duiven dove. De Kruif, of the Rockefeller Institute, for aid and suggestions. A few English archaisms are preserved in the dialect; for example, the use of gentry as a plural for gentleman. In the South i. The language is mostly recorded on fragmentary relics, and words have been reconstructed from Middle Dutch and loan words from Old Dutch in other languages. The High German consonant shift, moving over Western Europe from south to west, caused a differentiation with the Central and High Franconian in Germany. The Dutch vocabulary is one of the richest in the world and comprises over , headwords. Like German, Dutch allows arbitrarily long compounds, but the longer they get, the less frequent they tend to be. To study the effects of speech patterns, Grogger uses NLSY data in combination with audio-information about how individuals speak. Nouns and adjectives are not case inflected except for the genitive of proper nouns names : -'s or -'.
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