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Would acts of goodness have the same meaning in the absence of acts of evil? This time, Margarita chooses to free the Master.

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The first unedited edition of the novel was published in Moscow in which became the official standard. Man will enter the kingdom of truth and justice, where no such power will be necessary. Margarita enters naked into the realm of night, after she learns to fly, and control her unleashed passions.

He succeeds in discovering the true story of Pontius Pilate however the greater desire for truth in the midst of soviet Russia remains after the novel's conclusion.

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This refrain, which appears as a sort of leitmotif ten times throughout the novel, is an interpretation of the quotation from Giuseppe Verdi's opera Aida. In the middle of the Great Depression and Stalinist repression, Bullitt had instructed his staff to create an event that would surpass every other Embassy party in Moscow's history.

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I do not know. Birmingham: University of Birmingham, , Since she and the master leave this world at the end of the novel, what kind of triumph does she achieve? Northwestern University Press, , In the early morning hours, the zebra finches escaped from the aviary and perched below the ceilings around the house. Bulgakov loves to make fun of everyone and everything. As for Pilate himself, he is the precursor of the judges of the Stalin years who presided over the great show trials. So far, so insubstantial. Why must the master and Margarita leave the material world at the end of the novel? She survives this ordeal and, for her pains, Satan offers to grant Margarita her deepest wish. The novel can be seen as a rebuke to the aggressively "godless people". This manuscript made no mention of neither The Master nor Margarita as characters.
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