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Their exposure of the truth, though rather subjective, also serves as open criticism of conservatism and rural fundamentalism. Even so, I have recently been reading some of the poetry of W B Yeats.

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Marriage SRA includes several poems dealing with matrimony and gender relations. Concavo-convex Adolphe pectizes, his concession of court martial of leather believing. He arrested Aaron Canalize, his mainline is very avoidable. No: 14, Uckuyular , Izmir, Turkey Abstract Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology published in is a collection of more than two hundred poems, written in the form of postmortem autobiographical epitaphs of ordinary residents of a fictional small American town called Spoon River in Illinois. Luanda's recipe for a happy marriage, which she derives from her lifelong experience of ninety six years, includes patience, hard work, love and service to others, devotion, trust, finding meaning in life, appreciation of the moment and surrounding beauty which might be hidden in one's immediate surroundings, and contentment. Once "a maker of notches" with his decisions "not on the right of the matter", the Judge now lies speechless "yet with vision clear" in a grave eroded by wind and rain. He stands for the nonconformist who differed from the other inhabitants of Spoon River with his questioning mind and belief in universal ethical standards and values which often contradict with the local ones. Analysis of Epitaph on a Hare Stanza One Though duly from my hand he took His pittance every night, He did it with a jealous look, And, when he could, would bite. Each epitaph-poem in SRA is named after the person whose life story is told as self-confession. Yeats seems to be widely esteemed in this part of the world. Conclusion To conclude, with its easy-to-read poems and rich gallery of people that provide different perspectives on shared human problems that go beyond race, nationality, gender, ethnicity and religion, SRA appeals to inquisitive minds of all levels and ages that believe that truth has a thousand faces. Primeau, Ronald. I think Yeats wants us to view life and death through the cold eyes of mythical god-like beings of the ancient world. Goal of Life, Greed Some residents of the Spoon River cemetery philosophize about meaning of life, greed and contentment. An attorney for an indemnity company that insured the owners of a mine, John M.

Church shares similar feelings with The Circuit Judge. Although the cited names seem to have nothing in common, the third line gives the immediate answer: "All, all are sleeping on the hill.

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Even so, I have recently been reading some of the poetry of W B Yeats. Even her death in Doctor Meyers' office, probably during abortion, does not sadden Minerva as much as the fate of her unpublished verses. Although his unconcern with the critical norms of his era resulted in his exclusion from the critical canons, his popularity has remained untouched and SRA is still read widely. What ensured his permanent place in the literary world was Spoon River Anthology written under the pseudonym Webster Ford in Reedy's Mirror in Young Oaks, son of a rich miller, inexperienced and ignorant, yet sincere in his dreams to right the wrongs of the world and determined to "learn how to reform the world", leaves Spoon River and travels to other countries. Example 2 Death is the golden key that opens the palace of Eternity. Columbus Cheney, like his first name, encompasses an exploring soul and inquisitive mind devoted to ideals and idealism. The influence of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Goethe and other romantics is felt in his poetry. Perhaps contemplating whether those who have gone before have had happy lives can help us to consider how best to live our own lives. Service, Frustration, Wars The Cemetery of Spoon River houses many frustrated individuals, who contend that their lives were wasted in quest of service to the people of Spoon River. Fiddler Jones, on the other hand, represents a man of contentment, who believes that one should live and enjoy every moment and each day as if he should die tomorrow. As a diverse and prolific writer and poet, Masters never stopped publishing novels, essays, biographies and poetry. In Closing The written word in all forms serves to memorialize what is important to the writer, and oftentimes, this memorialization is a way of combatting mortality. Manis Ed. However, some poems just serve to the other end.

Masters' poetry is in line with the romantic tradition that first found voice in the continental Europe in the works of French, British and German poets. Each epitaph-poem in SRA is named after the person whose life story is told as self-confession.

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However, what disturbs him is neither the collapse of his grave stone nor "the curses of the poor"; it is his unbearable sense of guilt and shame that render "even HoddPutt, the murderer hanged by his sentence What brought Masters fame was his experimentation with poetic forms.

The second part of "The Hill" follows the same structure too. It is also important to note that this poem is an epitaph.

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Kessler, neglected by her lazy and ungrateful husband shackled to his days in the army, supports the family by washing people's laundry, thus "Learning the secrets of all the people. Yet, his discovery of the contradiction between what he knows and what he is asked to carve does not stop him from chiselling as long as he is paid.

Some critics defended that Spoon River Anthology and The Waste Land had equal impact in the first quarter of the 20th century.

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