Behavioral and social cognitive approaches to forming habits

behavioral personality theory

Although, it is difficult to determine the origination of certain long term habits that are ongoing through adulthood, the investigation as to why they exist and the effects they have on an individual has been studied by psychologists for decades.

Around the age of 13 is when I probably had my first cigarette. Also in this essay the views of the person and the Therapeutic process will be discussed.

I truly feel even though I may have started smoking because of who I socialized with. It was the nicotine addiction talking to me. By giving the sustain a meaningful generalization of why it was needed created a repetitive action of usage that had a true meaning. Most of my friends smoke and it was something we did together When comparing this habit to the behavioral personality theory, it makes complete sense. Trying to do as others to fit in or be someone different than who I was at the time, not knowing how addicting this habit could be. I wanted to be like Mike, but the female version. It still had not become a habit. References Friedman, H.

When developing habits the self conscious mind forms an image to what it perceives to be a positive emotional connection, satisfaction, or rewarding feeling. Social cognitive theory SCT refers to a psychological model of behavior that started primarily from the work of Albert Bandura ; Has there been a time when you have attempted to break this habit?

The relationship she had with her mother prevented her from forming new serious friendships. Whenever one emulates a particular habit that has not been biologically acquired, he may find it quite difficult to break off just like some other genetic habits. It happens more when I am stressed out or am nervous. At the age of seven I discovered the ultimate basketball player that lives to this day, Michael Jordan! Bandura A. Quitting the marijuana habit I was able to go to the local community college and working my way back up the scale. I believe I started this habit my mimicking my father. Field independent individuals will disregard any external factors that influence their decisions.

Next I would give myself a daily amount in which I can smoke and find a substitute of gum chew, healthy snack, or fun activity to do whenever I get the urge to smoke outside of my scheduled time.

Conclusion It has been discussed that behavioral theory is pretty crucial in the formation of a habit. First I had to make the conscience decision that this was going to be the end of smoking. For example, although not a personality psychologist Skinner stressed concepts such as punishment and reinforcement to demonstrate ways in which learning processes shape human behavior, and have been used to treat personality phobias.

Resko, After understanding both the social and behavioral cognitive theories, I believe the cognitive-behavioral theory has the most influence in the makeup of my personality.

social cognitive theory

Social learning theory proposes that the likelihood of responding in certain ways referred Essay Topic: ApproachHabits The habit to be analyzed is cigarette smoking. Through these rewards and punishments, an association is made between a behavior and a consequence for that behavior Kendra Cherry,

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Behaviorial and Social/Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits