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Carnasial Tooth: A premolar tooth, which is used to efficiently tear and slice meat of prey. Auriculars: Auriculars is a set of feathers that are found near a bird's ear openings.

Birth Rate: The term is the average number of young produced within a specific period of time. Bow Riding: It is an activity carried out by cetaceans most commonly dolphinsin which they swim or drift along the crests of waves in the ocean.

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Brood Parasite: A brood parasite is an organism usually a bird which manipulates another individual of the same or different species to raise its offspring. Coevolution is basically, the evolution of groups depending on each other together, in order to survive. Darwin theorized that species and breeds developed through the processes of natural selection as well as by artificial selection or selective breeding. Brooding: The practice of birds, where the parent birds continue to provide warmth to their young, during the time when they are unable to maintain their own body temperatures. For example, the set of parallel vertical grooves which are present on the sides of salamanders and newts. The book lung is located inside the ventral abdominal cavity. Biology Terms Below is a list of a few biology words and terms that many biology students find difficult to understand. Canine Tooth: A single point tooth that is shaped and used for piercing and holding on to food. Carrying Capacity: It is the maximum population of a particular species, which can be supported for an indefinite period of time in a particular environment. Antenna: A sensory apparatus found on the heads of insects and most arthropods.

Updated May 27, One of the keys to being successful in biology is being able to understand the terminology. Apomorph: A new specialized trait in an evolving organism which is completely different from its ancestral line. Centrifugal Tail Molt: The process of shedding and replacing of feathers of a birds tail, that starts with the replacement of the innermost pair of feathers first and then moves from the center outward.

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Eu - means true, karyo - means nucleus. Cytokinesis This word can be separated as follows: Cyto - kinesis.

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Detritus: Organic matter that is either freshly dead or partially decomposed. Necrotroph necro - troph Unlike the aforementioned biotrophs, necrotrophs are parasites that kill their host since they survive on the dead remains.

Crop: Expandable pouch found in the esophagus of some birds. Consumer: An organism, often an animal, which feeds on plants or other animals.

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Understanding Difficult Biology Words