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The influence of women in popular culture and how they present themselves can be a breeding place for physical and emotional unrest. Studies from the Department of Psychology, at the University of Sydney claim that the increasing visuals of thin women in media cause dissatisfaction in women.

Low self-esteem, depression and eating disorders are all increasing, along with unhealthy behaviour and thoughts: girls as young as five now worry about their size and appearance, and 38 per cent of men say they would give up a year of their life for the perfect body.

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Studies conducted in the UK have found high levels of body image dissatisfaction among adults and young people. But television advertisements are not the only place to which we are exposed to advertisements.

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A growing number of experimental studies have demonstrated a causal link between acute exposure to "thin-ideal" images i. The media glorifies models and celebrities as figures of a higher standard, as icons of beauty and youth.

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Thank you to everyone who has supported the inquiry, by submitting evidence, spreading the word and reading our findings. DiDomenico, A. Children and adolescents were identified as being particularly at risk of developing body image dissatisfaction. The Inquiry heard that there is little evidence that such supplements work and that the level of protein individuals acquire from their diet may be sufficient without the need for additional supplementation. A growing number of experimental studies have demonstrated a causal link between acute exposure to "thin-ideal" images i. So why do people lie to themselves and others to preserve self-image? The media has a powerful influence in women's everyday lives. Currently, women are suffering from an increase in body self-consciousness as a result of medias role regarding beauty ideals. Girls and women have the biggest effect because they seem to be target no matter what and being analyze.

Evidence also suggested that gay men may be more at risk for body image dissatisfaction in comparison to heterosexual men.

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