Cardiff university phd thesis

DissOnline : DissOnline provides information about German dissertations and post-doctoral theses and contains sample documents that can be downloaded. Naji, Sally Item availability restricted. A lot of theses are available for immediate download.

Most of the records are bibliographic but, where available, access to the full-text document is provided.

Cardiff university phd thesis

A collaborative PhD can allow you to benefit from the input of industrialists and policy-makers and to experience first-hand the direct impact of your research. The collection is primarily in English, with some in English and Chinese, and others in Chinese only. Coastal community resilience assessment framework of maritime disasters management for Saudi Arabia. All the theses are written in Spanish. Tellurium and selenium in mafic volcanogenic massive sulfide hydrothermal systems: evidence from the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus. Child sleep: A systemic exploration of the knowledge and experience of educational psychologists, parents and primary school staff. These theses and dissertations are not available from the University of Wales.

Please note that dissertations and theses submitted to current and former University of Wales institutions, such as Cardiff University, Swansea University, the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, the University of Wales Newport etc.

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Fokiya, Akhtar All the theses are written in Spanish. Theses Canada Portal : Theses Canada is an open access initiative run by Library and Archives Canada which provides access to theses from Canadian universities.

This may mean, for example, that the project is sponsored by a company, that you spend some of your time in the workplace of the partner or that the partner contributes resources or expertise to the project. While her study was carried out in the context of Indonesia, the findings can transfer to many other regions of the world.

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