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Throughout your career, you will need to have people who are your champions. But it's never too early to start planning for the future you do want.

One can improve his performance by seeking feedback from his managers and colleagues, who can provide suggestion too. Additional reporting by Nicole Fallon. From the beginning of the career look forward to learn new things and build the bridge between the technical skills and soft skills; one needs to stay connected to the people and the organization.

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One needs to manage his time efficiently. Are my skills relevant in the long-run or are there chances of them becoming obsolete? Your body will prove less resistant to impending hangovers , and it's not going to be fun to deal with a full day of work when you have a nasty headache and are running on four hours of sleep. This will help the person to function more efficiently as corporate always appreciate hard work. Preparing oneself to bridge the gap between the campus and corporate smoothly, requires a lot of effort. Learn to manage money well right from your first job itself. You will go through moments in life where driving your career is paramount, and other moments where friends, family, hobbies, and interests are of more importance. Remember that this job will not be your last. Students follow an agenda in college like attending a class, studying the lessons and attempting an exam. The knowledge gained at campus must help the person to acquire this congruency. Your designated sleep hours will begin far later in the evening than you planned, making getting up in the morning more miserable than it needs to be. But in the workplace, unprofessional behavior can get you fired. Use all resources available to you, track down all job leads, and follow up on all leads and interviews. Even if you think a little clutter doesn't affect you, neuroscientists from Princeton University have found otherwise. Start Saving — The most exciting part of the life transition from college to corporate is money!

Planning the dress one would wear is also very important, unless the organization has a dress code. One should plan ahead the mode of transport and calculate the time taken to reach the office from home.

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Another common misconception is that your college major dictates the types of jobs for which you can apply. Complete the assignments before time so that one will have time to make changes if required. Develop work savvy: Understanding the job profile will help building and mastering the skills and knowledge necessary for that particular job. Deadlines are critical, much more so than in college. Counting your breath alongside the beats of music can be a helpful trick, too. Sometimes simply stopping to breathe is easier said than done, but there will be plenty of moments throughout the next year that will make you happy you learned how to do it now. Taking a moment to sit in stillness and simply be in the moment is one of the best ways to get to know yourself from the inside out. Making a first impression as an effective contributor will make the process of transition easier.

Try to release that breath at the same pace, and repeat -- a few times, for a few minutes, however long it takes for you to find your center. Taking time each day to step away from your smartphone, computer and television screen will do wonders for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Remove pictures from college parties from your public profiles, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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The Transition from Campus to Corporate Life