Critical systems thinking definition

critical systems thinking and the management of complexity

This charge against SSM appears to be related to other charges which have been made against dialectical systems theory for allegedly implying that an independent observer analyst is able to arrive at an "objective" knowledge of the clients' Weltanschauungen [70, p.

Ethical relativism in SSM is thereby enhanced by the missing dimension of purposes, in spite of the avowed standpoint against "determinists, dictators, or demagogues" not to mention dogmatists ibid.

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Matching design methods to system type. Ivanov,pp.

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It is stated there that the soft systems approaches were unable to deal with the fundamentally conflictual nature of social systems. Nevertheless it has been difficult to clarify its theoretical status, and whether it was subsumed under the social-political dimension, and if so, on what grounds.

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Soft systems thinking

Soft systems methodology SSM has been comprehensively presented in an extensive work [14] but the following will be edited out of a more recent, and therefore presumably more developed, presentation of SSM that is related to informations systems [17]. Co-constructiveness requires constructiveness. Kantian wishful thinking on "transcendence" of ethics into religion throw us into the arms of political ethics, an ethics in the form of constructive-ideal speech situation, akin to a vague concept of "divinized" Democracy that exposes us to demagogical technicalities and Faustian bargains in the computer-network revolution? The more difficult the answers become because of easily formulated questions, and the lesser the number of knowledgeable potential answerers becomes, the easier will be to disrupt the possible wisdom that has been accumulated in history and tradition. They tend , however, to reduce the ethical dimension to the social and political one. Deadly opponents, if not downright malevolent, are at least odd, illogical or crazy. In any case the following lines will be pragmatically oriented towards supporting one main intuition, in spite of Kantian reason having been "canonized" by the philosophical community. The role of the systems practitioner is to work with local stakeholders and to facilitate their capacity to select and use relevant methods, taking issues of power into account. Google Scholar Mingers, J. Sesso e carattere. Power-ideology matrix in social systems control. CST, it is argued, is a debate within the Systems research community around three themes.

Google Scholar Oliga, J. Google Scholar Fuenmayor, R. Some of the detail of complex situations must be hidden to allow focus on changes to a system element. SSM had not yet any theory of how the structure of society, especially its stratification, might limit fundamentally the range of debate about change.

Critical systems thinking definition

Science as morality. In Trappl, R. Computer software for crisis management" Submitted for publication to Security Management Review. This means striving not at an objective solution but merely at a critical solution. Liberating systems theory: Towards critical systems thinking. But: "distinctions are the weapons of the elite"? All this, eventually, undermines the trustworthiness of an ethics that tends to get reduced to a communicative competence that, in turn, gets easily reduced further to a kind of politics of negotiations and re-negotiations of perceptions and interpretations of the outer world. The critical approach proposed by the critical heuristics of social planning is seen to remediate the failure of the critical theory of communicative competence in bridging the gap between theoretical justification and political or strategic action. Consultants-customers-users-owners-clients, 2 To do what? A study of the opposition to Kant is, however, strongly recommended to all of us who wish to advance systems thinking in the political-ethical aspects, and in close contact with the formal sciences that are embodied in the ongoing so called computer revolution.
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What is Systems Thinking?