Crowdsourcing and product design

Crowdsourcing and product design

You can even still see the listing! Spartan Kettlebell 3D Design Contest The next CAD design contest was held by a manufacturer of workout equipment who wanted a kettlebell designed to resemble a Spartan helmet. Even the most creative team has a limit to their ideas. Design submission 27 for Cottage Lake model by Sergiu. Well, Designhill has established itself as creditable marketplace place for creating cost-effective design solutions in varied categories. If you find a particular concept of redesigning interesting, you can actively launch a redesign challenge. This emerging trend, referred to as the democratization of design, has gained traction, thanks in part to the Internet and new social tools and networks that more tightly connect companies and the customers and markets they serve. Product creation is no different, and numerous brands have turned to the crowds for new product design services.

It is part of nearly every product we buy, and even if there is no tangible reason why consumers perceive something a certain way, it no less affects the outcome. This contest still goes on today and is an extremely popular part of the Lego universe.

With Uber, you can get in a private car and be at your destination in mere minutes.

Crowdsourcing technology

If all of the opinions are coming from a local club or group, their ideas will likely be skewed toward something they all agree on within that group. Samsung knew that quite a while back. Fans went wild, and just this spring the three winning flavors were released. The site provides a list of patents inventors can access and apply to consumer products. Crowdsourcing gives entrepreneurs a platform A number of companies are now offering platforms that enable companies to take their internal struggles to a broader stage, and let the world have a crack at solving them. The company invited engineers from different companies to collaborate. Instead of having a pool of six people giving you their thoughts and ideas, you have a pool of thousands to help you. They received more than 10, suggestions coming from countries. Among the many submissions was this innovative one from designer Arhitecto. Then, the suppliers would ship completed parts to Boeing where its workers would put them together. In , Samsung ran a crowdsourcing campaign for the best flexible display ideas. A great example of this comes from Fiat.

So, for example, if you have some thoughts about building brand identitythen you can invite the experts for an advice. Flickr is a crowdsourcing platform that allows you access to millions of high-quality images.

crowdsourcing platform for data collection

Unfortunately, it also has its limitations. We see the impact of perception every day. This Tinder-like online platform allows users to view 3D designs of new products before the company launches a new collection. This is where uTest comes to your rescue.

Crowdsourcing platforms

To celebrate reaching five million fans on their Facebook page, the German car manufacturer allowed its fans to customize the design of a car. In fact, you can even recruit the crowd when it comes down to designing the fine details of your products. If they can get 10, people to not only like their set but answer a survey as well, the set will be considered to become a product. The ultimate goal is making Olli the most accessible means of transportation in the world. A year old Colombian native created the winning design. And, because we have access to the internet, there is you no longer a need to limit yourself to a single geographic location. This enterprise marketplace is ideal for the organizations or people who love to engage professionals or armatures alike with projects inviting their opinions. You can also crowdsource artists to design advertisements or create logos for you. Many of these projects were initiated by people with little or no product development skills; they just had an idea. New Back Scrubber Product Design Contest Someone wanted an improvement on the traditional back scrubber, and a winner was picked out of the 20 entries received. The Fiat Mio. You will need to pay a nominal fee to the best three name ideas you select. By showing pictures of Starbucks patrons and their incredible art, they associate the brand with creativity and positivity. However, if you are newer or perhaps losing customers to the competition you might need to do a little bit more work in this area.

Among the many submissions was this innovative one from designer Arhitecto.

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