Drupal 7 theme hook

In my last post, we looked at how we can easily add classes to blocks in Drupal using preprocess functions.

drupal 7 theme hook suggestions

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You can find a list of them at the Drupal site see Related topics for a link.

Drupal 8 theme hook suggestions

Looking at the user element, we see that its theme property is set to username. If you supply no engine in the. This module can be installed as any other Drupal module and needs no extra configuration. Everything else is optional. However, if you want to contribute your theme to the Drupal repository, a screen capture is mandatory. This article, however, uses the PHPTemplate engine because it's the default theme engine and the only one packaged with Drupal 7. You use the same sort of modular approach to CSS classes that the Drupal core uses for standard page elements of the framework. Below is an example of preprocess function for adding classes in the body tag when the page is loaded. If you do so, you must declare the line. This hands-on training will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a custom theme in Drupal 8. Fields are a fundamental building block of any Drupal Danny explains how to theme views in Drupal8 by making Drupal output native Bootstrap tabs! This is a good way to alter theme-specific markup, but if you want to make theme-independent markup it is better to code a custom module.

This module can be installed as any other Drupal module and needs no extra configuration. In the next chapter we're going to have a look at one of the coolest new features of Drupal 8: Configuration Management.

So all the hook preprocess functions are added here. Let's go through the elements that must or can be included in a. That said, though, you'll keep the contents of existing themes handy for the purpose of seeing what the structure looks like.

Even though stylesheets are not technically defined in a group, if you define another stylesheet in the. Listing 2 shows the contents of the node.

drupal 7 custom page

Taxonomy Templates. Everything else is optional.

drupal 7 custom module page template

Listing 5. Have you ever wondered how you can do this?

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Drupal's Theme layer