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When the Pilgrims arrived in the New World, they did not know how to communicate with the natives. However, language communication has somehow become a latent problem, whether in economical, political, or social aspects. Government and America as a whole.

English as an official language essay

English is the most widely spoken language in the world. The United States has always been viewed as a nation of immigrants. The United States has always been an English-speaking nation ever since the pilgrims immigrated to the New World. We wear the masks we think other people want to see While Ebonics might be a perfectly intelligible form of English to those who speak it, it goes against the grain of a white-dominated society in which belonging means talking the talk of Standard English. Supporting migrants and their children to maintain their mother tongue is, he suggested, a racist policy, as it presumes that certain immigrants are incapable of learning English. Page Number: For Hayakawa, author of the first ELA legislation, co-founder of US English, and a Canadian immigrant of Japanese ancestry himself, this reality was acknowledged, if slightly spun. Issue: 3. In addition, adopting English is the first step towards assimilation, which is in spirit with our constitution. Because the United States has an incredibly large amount of diverse languages, it unfortunately does not have a national language.

It will not only lower commercial costs but also lead to a host of political and social benefits. Being monolingual hinders communication to others who speak a different language while being bilingual can create a bridge between nations, ethnicities, and cultures.

10 reasons why english should not be the official language

Choosing what language should be spoken is something that the government should not interfere with. Because of the power a common language has with governing a society it is a very disputed topic.

Proponents believe that although the United States is diverse, it may be too much for the American people to juggle multiple languages.

why doesn t america have an official language
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English As Official Language In United States Essay Example