Essay on festivals and folk dances of india

You can find this dance performance in some villages in Kerala where people perform some ritualistic acts through this dance during their festive sessions and in temples daily.

But Fugdi is basically performed during the month of Bhaadrapada, which is a special occasion for women, and during this time they usually take some break from their normal monotonous lifestyle. Many people belonging to Muslim faith go for fasting for around 30 days during the month of Ramazan.

popular folk dance

The adoption of western dresses has helped the Indian society to match with the other cultures of the world. Bagurumba is one of the popular dances in Assam, which is performed by the Bodo women.

Folk dances of punjab

They celebrate contemporary events, victories and are often performed as a mode of appeasing the tribal deities. The Indian culture is a blend of various cultures belonging to belonging to diverse religion, castes, regions follow their own tradition and culture. The festival of Lavani Mahotsav is celebrated in the state. Dhoti is also known as Dhuti or Laacha. The songs in fast tempo are usually sung in higher octave. This is one of the most popular dance forms in Assam which is conducted in Barpeta district in Assam every year. In India, the Indian classical dance is fading away with the arrival of Western Indian dance. Percussion instruments feature in most of these dances.

The dance is accompanied by song and the singer is accompanied by instument. Once in India I went to a show to watch Bharat Natyam with my parents and relatives. This dance is also very popular among the teenagers and you can find some Bhangra dance shows in foreign countries like USA, UK and Canada.

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Indian Dances Essay Example