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It will then expand on the actual lives of individuals who lived on a manor. The sole exception was the Jinnahs. This started the wishes circle that has no end.

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There are first-rate schools in English for the elite, second-rate schools for the strivers, and execrable schools for the masses. This system is outdated and cannot be fitted into modern democratic, social system of Pakistan or elsewhere in the world in its original from and mode of operation.

The Union of India has done a lot to protect the rights of its lower castes ever since independence and this is where people like B.

This system emerged after the fall of the Roman Empire.

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The Brahmin changed the Holy Hindu script and stammered rites for a living. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe was decentralized with the development of feudalism, and this allowed the only unifying establishment, the Church, to become more powerful. The Nawabs of Bhopal and the landlords of Khwaspur near modern day Lalamusa were both handed over to Pashtun generals for the services they rendered to the Mughal Empire. He took the law into his own hands and robbed the rich to give to the poor. These people are known as serfs. They are not sent to school and are forced to work for their landlord families generation after generation. As a result the profession of an Army Officer up till world war two remained largely a feudal profession. While Brahmins and Kshatriyas were landowners, the Vaishyas were confined to doing business only and the Shudras were made to serve the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas and the Vaishyas in the most demeaning and despicable of ways. In the Roman world, the Mediterranean city states could not grow and satisfy all the needs that were necessary so they traded with each other which allowed for them to grow in wealth and stature Backman , As a part of their revenue administration was the mansabdari system through which they regulated control over the land revenue of the country. During this time there were many rulers with violent conflicts. It was remembered that Lahore government was appreciated for this act of justice and everyone was giving big round of applause. These landlords do not contribute to their land; some of them embark on political careers or take up important bureaucratic jobs. But, sadly for them, soon enough, a new force was to gain control of their land — the British.

The Mughals made no discrimination in religion. Later on inthey assumed direct power Ali Bhutto being of a very large landowning family and retained it until the military regained power.

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Feudal System in Pakistan