Ethics of monitoring student network usage

Inform employees.

ethical computer use policy definition

Uphold ethical standards. If the allegations in the case against the district are valid, though, it would seem that the school district unilaterally overstepped its bounds as educators into parenting, and also crossed some legal boundaries by monitoring without notice or consent.

Physically damage or vandalize University resources.

legal and ethical issues of employee monitoring

Violation of copyright law or infringement is prohibited by University policy, state, and federal law. Organizations have a right, and sometimes even an obligation, to monitor activity on their computers or network, but the ethics involved are often hazy. Creativity blockade Strict policies on employee computer behavior might block the creative thinking of employees.

Dichter and Michael S. Employees may telecommute, doing much of their business through e-mail and the Net. Office of Attorney General, orOffice of Audit and Complianceor in response to a subpoena or court order.

Most parties to the debate agree that companies should have clear policies on electronic surveillance and that these should be effectively communicated to employees. Products abound for monitoring computers, mobile devices and networks. Sometimes, as in the case of law enforcement, invasions of privacy may be warranted.

The latest brings both the atmosphere of engagement and an efficient labor output. Employers should define their risks and security needs, weigh employees' expectations and develop a policy that strikes a balance, Walls says.

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3 Tips for Legally and Ethically Monitoring Employees Online