Evolution of organizational culture in startups

To support the Vocus way of life, the company has several internal committees dedicated to cultivating its culture.

how to build a startup company culture

Jim Nash, Managing Partner, marketing communications agency, Marcus Thomas Our business has grown significantly over the years and we consistently revisit our core values, which allows us to maintain our culture throughout our company's evolution, including acquisitions we made along the way.

It's scrappy, lean, resourceful, and independent. We also identified threats as our growth continued, such as more structure and process--both necessary to be sure, but only at "just enough" levels to avoid suffocating creativity and agility. All the rules around communication, transparency, respect, and empathy apply.

I couldn't have told you we'd be this big when we were five, ten or even 20 people, but we've always grown within arm's reach, so it's always felt like an evolution of the same company. We took this to heart and made sure we did whatever we needed to do to keep our three-person relationship strong and built on a solid foundation.

One of the best things we did was shifting a senior leader from client strategy to focusing on people and culture. Why Culture Matters Today Rudman is convinced that corporate culture is the only truly sustainable competitive advantage.

Most agencies' senior executives focus only on clients or new business. Building the team well is key because in leadership you can't force culture onto people.

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The evolution of culture at a startup