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If for some reason you are not delighted with the quality, we will rework your document until you are completely satisfied.

Please see also our Terms of Service for other core principles, for example regarding the confidentiality of your documents.

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Confidentiality Our privacy policy ensures confidentiality and allows researchers worldwide to submit their work to us with complete confidence. We never confirm that any document is ready for submission, submit anything to a journal or funding body, or correspond with journal editors or peer reviewers on behalf of authors.

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We aim to be publisher-neutral in our editing and advice, and especially in our journal recommendations where applicable. What about the correct way to use a semicolon?

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We review these policies on a regular basis and keep up-to-date with issues arising in the publication ethics landscape. If an author indicates that they mainly want to know whether or not their paper is acceptable to a specific Springer Nature journal, or has any other query for which a Springer Nature journal editor is the most appropriate contact, we will suggest that the author contacts the journal directly. We will correct fundamental language errors and rephrase or point out awkward and confusing sentences. Backed by strict quality assurance standards, our grammar editing service will give you peace of mind that your writing is clear, concise, and correct. Our editorial team includes physicians, PhDs, MDs, postgraduates, engineers, and even journal peer reviewers. No questions asked. You will be able to download the certificate from your account, along with your edited document. Our Certificate We will provide a certificate confirming that your document was edited by native English speakers with expertise in your field of study.

We guarantee that if your language-edited paper is rejected by a journal because of the English alone, and we believe that you have made a good-faith effort to incorporate our changes, we will re-edit your paper once for free.

If we suspect severe infringement of ethical requirements or laws particularly unacceptable harm to humans or animalswe act on this where possible.

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