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Furthermore, hector have satisfaction but different to pride of Achilles because his satisfaction is subdued so as to preserve his loyalty to his homeland and its persons.

The Iliad is the story of the battle of Troy, in which Greek heroes fight and die, with much interference from the various gods and goddesses.

A comparative study between achilles and hector

Behind the proud and scary armor that he was wearing, was an image of a nostalgic husband and father Gale, , pp. When he went back, he discovered that his wife was too worried about him that she hysterically went to the gates to get news from him. He would not fight out of whim but of vengeance Zanker, In the epic, he longed for his wife and family but despite their pleas for him to stay, he still went to war. No Greek leader or warrior could defeat him and he was proud of it. It continued for years and nobody even retreated Gale, , pp. Patroclus is the most faithful commander from Achilles and considered like brother of battle of the great Achilles. However, it is evident that he is obedient and respectful to authority. Angry by the kidnapping of his wife, Menelaus king of Sparta asks his brother the King Agamemnon king of the Achaeans to march to war against the Trojans. Achilles a Hector.

Never does he ever show any true commitment of devotion to his country. The etymology of the title, The Iliad was derived from the Greek word Illios Cummings, and adding a 2-letter at the end to signify that it pertains to the former.

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He was kind to his comrades and also loved peace. Although Achilles and Hector are considered two different types of heroes, they had their similarities as much as they had their differences. Priam, on the other hand, pleaded Achilles to return the body of his son for it to have a decent burial as a custom of the Trojans Zanker, , p. Although the death of Patroclus prompts him to seek reconciliation with Agamemnon, it does not alleviate his rage. Hector Essay - Achilles vs. In order for us to appreciate the heroism and valor of our two great Greek warriors, we have to establish and understand the milieu and the type of culture that they have. The importance Hector vs. Also, Achilles hardly ever see his lasting lifestyle was not in his future because he constantly was presented in every wars that the Greek have by satisfaction and gain glory. Last May, Wolfgang Petersen directed a movie based on the Iliad. He was even concealed as a girl by her mother but his character as a warrior prevailed. They formed by the versant leaders and their men were the finest warriors in the land who set out for war to regain the dignity not simply of the Spartans but of Greece in general. In the Iliad, both Hector and Achilles show heroic stature. Achilles on the other hand is a great warrior with many dishonorable reasons.

Hector was the Trojans best fighter and lacked the strength that Achilles had. As seen in many of Achilles fights, he is no patriot.

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We need to know the impetus that caused the very long war so that we could have a better appreciation of their heroism and valor. He joined and led the Greek troops once again and killed that famous warrior who killed his dear friend.

Achilles and hector comparison essay

Hector In the Iliad is a very interesting epic with features two main central characters that are similar in some ways but totally different in other ways. Achilles is the best warrior of the Achaeans and Hector was the top warrior for the Trojans. When Petroclus dies, Achilles is full of absolute rage wanting retaliation for losing him. Although the epic had occurred in — BC, the epic was passed down through generations, orally, until Homer wrote the Iliad years after the Trojan war in BC. Never does he ever show any true commitment of devotion to his country. Instead redirects it toward Hector. Through which Hector has revealed himself to be the hero on multiple occasions. They were both a part of the ancient Greek world. Many characters in stories want glory, fame, and ultimately to be remembered. Afterwards, the battle continued. He grew up in Mount Pelion. The Iliad is the story of the battle of Troy, in which Greek heroes fight and die, with much interference from the various gods and goddesses. He was easily moved with pity and compassion when he allowed the old king of Troy to carry his dead son back home Zanker, , p. The event does not make Achilles a more heroic character.

It can be deduced that Achilles had sense of loyalty with his friends. For example, "when he advises the residents of Troy to rest outside the town gates, because he assumes all is safe and then finds out persons were murdered through the night because by the raging Achilles got returned, he assumes full responsibility for the disaster.

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Hector vs. Achilles Essay