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However, if your topic is widely distant from current faculty strengths — in chronological, geographical, or disciplinary terms — you may need more information to make a decision.

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At Berkeley, students learn to see the practice of science as related to its cultural, intellectual, and historical context. Adrian Muckle 19th century travel and travellers' accounts in the Pacific The Turnbull Library has extensive holdings. Applying for Financial Support For current Graduate Field students, grants are available for History of Science-related conferences and fieldwork. Rich sources exist for a variety of thesis projects at MA or PhD level. Our faculty and students employ historical, textual, ethnographic, and social scientific methods to explore the genesis and evolution of the sciences and to analyze the growth of science as part of the intellectual and social experience of humankind, as well as to ask larger questions about how the various sciences work in practice and the basis of their authority, how ethical and political decisions are made about their regulation and applications, how they relate to larger intellectual, cultural, social, and political trends and changes, and much more. History of science students often find its offerings helpful. One researcher has used them so far. The 20 year restriction ended in , so there are now only Privacy Act implications to using this material. Theories of nationalism The study of nationalism poses many theoretical problems, and can be approached from many different angles. You can take courses, prepare an oral examination field, and have a historian of science on your dissertation committee. The current colloquium schedule is available under Events.

Alexander Maxwell The Habsburg, Romanov, Soviet and Ottoman Empires East European Empires offer many interesting research topics, including ethic tensions in a multi-ethnic state, the modernisation of peasant societies, struggles for democratisation or socialism, or the question of dynastic loyalties.

To what extent has New Zealand's sporting culture relied on alcohol? UC Berkeley is known for academic strength across the board. Wellington would be different of course - but how much? The History degree has never disadvantaged our students in the history of science field.

Students in their first two years are expected to attend, and advanced students, visitors, and others are warmly encouraged to. These meetings provide an informal forum for discussing developments in History of Science and in Science and Technology Studies, as well as your ideas, interests, and intellectual conundrums.

Post-Communist states have been very active in creating online repositories and archives, and considerable resources are also available in English. The number of digital collections is also growing.

A comparison of British, New Zealand and Australian women's adventure writings about their war experiences as published in women's magazines, journals and school journals.

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An historian of science might study the history of vaccination, the history of celestial mechanics, or the history of scientific institutions. See New Zealand's Lost Cases as a starting point.

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PhD in History and Philosophy of Science