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Can the process be eliminated? If technology becomes obsolete, the reengineered process becomes useless. How are non-conformities controlled?

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Phil Crosby popularized this slogan to propagate the quality thinking among people. Limitations are as follows: 1. In addition, the function has provided appropriate training programmes for quality, in which there has been considerable investment in time and resources, it has counselled the mentors to the QIT, and ensured that managers communicate with staff by providing advice on the best means of doing this.

There are teams of shopfloor operators based on natural workgroups, and these tend to focus on product problems and environmental issues such as working conditions.

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Overhead expenses will come down for the company. For example, in an operation if it is observed that operator may forget to fill up the right quantity of brake fluid then, it is discussed how the operation can be made error free.

The company has adopted an open information policy to foster greater trust at the workplace, and businessrelated issues are given greater prominence at the joint works committee meetings.

Through these discussions and brain storming, suitable devices are incorporated in the process to make it error proof.

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MS Total Quality Management Question Papers