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Jacob Shallus who, at the time, was assistant clerk of the Pennsylvania State Assembly, and whose office was in the same building in which the Convention was held.

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It is bound together with silver in imitation of the thongs which bound the fasces of ancient Rome. On September 13,Congress adopted a resolution declaring that electors should be appointed in the ratifying States on the first Wednesday in January, ; that the electors vote for President on the first Wednesday in February, ; and that "the first Wednesday in March next [March 4, ] be the time and the present seat of Congress the place for commencing proceedings under the said constitution.

James Madison, of Virginia, because in point of erudition and actual contributions to the formation of the Constitution he was preeminent.

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In , on the occasion of the th anniversary of the Constitution. It is bound together with silver in imitation of the thongs which bound the fasces of ancient Rome. What article did they read? For each article, groups should consider both the relevant policy question and the related constitutional question here is a student handout. Which State did not send deputies to the Constitutional Convention? What was it about? How much was paid for the journal kept by Madison during the Constitutional Convention? Then, have students read and annotate an essay explaining the ways in which the Supreme Court has interpreted the freedom of speech. The Great Charter was confirmed several times by later medieval monarchs, and there were various statutes, such as those of Westminster, which also helped to develop the germs of popular government. George Washington, chosen unanimously. Meanwhile, the colonial charters became the foundation of the Americans' claim to the "rights of Englishmen," and were the predecessors of the State Constitutions, which owed their origin to the American Revolution. Plans for colonial union were proposed from time to time, the most important of them being the Albany Plan of , of which Benjamin Franklin was the author. Serious conflicts arose at the outset, especially between those representing the small and large States.

Members of Congress are not subject to impeachment, but are liable to expulsion by the vote of the House of which they are members Art. But it was not until February 2,that the Supreme Court, as head of the third branch of the government, organized and, held its first session; so that is the date when our government under the Constitution became fully operative.

While many are opposed to general pairs, as the first is called, all are glad to arrange a pair for a specific measure if a Senator is unavoidably prevented from being present Art. Are there original ideas of government in the Constitution?

Only thirty-nine signed. To take a simple example, the Constitution gives to the United States the right to coin money.

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To the constitution all laws, executive actions, and, judicial decisions must conform, as it is the creator of the powers exercised by the departments of government. While teaching, you may want to use all or part of this related Student Opinion question, which asks: Why is freedom of speech an important right?

Debate continued until September 8, when a new Committee of Style was named to revise the draft. What is meant by the "Father" of the House of Representatives?

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There is no record of this, but probably in Independence Hall. It had three great weaknesses. It would certainly follow, therefore, that the government had the right to make the design for the coinage. Who were the oldest and youngest members of the Constitutional Convention? The united efforts to establish independence gave birth to the Articles of Confederation, which though inadequate, were a real step toward the "more perfect Union" of the Constitution. This is called a pair. The shaft is surmounted by a globe of solid silver about five inches in diameter upon which rests a massive silver eagle. Were there any members of the Constitutional Convention who never attended any of its meetings? The Constitution in several places seems to make a clear distinction between legislators and officials, though this has been contested. Members of Congress are not subject to impeachment, but are liable to expulsion by the vote of the House of which they are members Art. Or, should the government set reasonable limits?

On their individual handout, students should circle any answer they want to change from the previous two rounds.

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