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It spends several pages regurgitating a year-old New Zealand Government paper, presenting it as if it was written for the Growth Commission. Denmark is the Scandinavian country that has gone furthest in abandoning the welfare state model those who are unemployed lose benefit after three months and required to work on workfare, retirement age is now 69, welfare provision pared down to a minimum, statutory rights of trade unions eroded and work contracts massively diluted.

For the Indian to survive, says the government in effect, he must become a good little brown white man.

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All the Scottish registered banks are owned and controlled from outside Scotland. The contrast in the situation is an insult to our people. The nationalists have never been anchored in a belief in the rights of working people to have democratic control of the economy.

And we should make this easy, fun and engaging for everyone — adults and kids alike. The SNP has never based its policies on class.

Sturgeon claims that the report explicitly rejects austerity. How different was his vision from the government policies of assimilation and individual rights?

Red paper

The Commission totally endorses this approach.

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