Reflective journal collaboration and peer reviews

Development of a 'universal' rubric for assessing undergraduates' scientific reasoning skills using scientific writing. Smith, K. Other points that you should remind students of as you model how to give effective commentary in peer review: Always point out strengths as well as elements that need more work.

Calibrated Peer Review: A writing and critical thinking instructional tool.

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In their oral feedback, students interact to clarify the text and suggest measures for revision. If you're concerned about taking so much class time for multiple peer reviews, consider the alternatives outlined under "Do writing and peer review take up too much class time?

Collaborative paper writing

If you disagree with the comments of another peer reviewer, say so. Students need not choose one of the suggested revisions, but they should note that multiple suggestions pointed at the same part of a draft typically highlight a place where some revision is necessary for readers. Journal of Writing Research, 4 2 , Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 9 1 , Studies in Higher Education, 36 4 , Such theory draws on Vygotsky and Piaget and frames peer review as both collaborative and scaffolded learning. If you want to have students review particular features of a document, make sure that those tasks are clear and precise. Response to "Rethinking the Graduate Seminar. Journal of Economic Education, 37 2 , Leijen, A. Tummons, J. Holst-Larkin, J. Although not focused exclusively on assessment of reflective writing, Ross also takes up theoretical viewpoints on the affective dimension of reflective writing and how teachers might consider issues of identity, authenticity, ownership, privacy and performativity in compulsory reflective writing.

Making economic principles personal: Student journals and reflection papers. Currents in Teaching and Learning, 3 2 Health and physical education pre-service teacher perceptions of journals as a reflective tool in experience-based learning.

How to critique student writing

Facilitating preservice teachers' reflection through interactive online journal writing. To sum up responses to the question, then, reflective writing benefits students because it Helps students identify their tacit knowledge as well as gaps in that knowledge Brings to the surface rhetorical and writing process decisions that can focus subsequent revision or learning Encourages growth as a working professional Beyond the Basics Reflective writing is used across disciplines, but it most widely accepted as a pre-professional practice in nursing and teacher education. Commenting on writing: Typology and perceived helpfulness of comments from novice peer reviewers and subject matter experts. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 80 1 , American Journal of Sexuality Education, 3 3 , In their written feedback, students focus more on structure, whereas in oral feedback they focus more on style. They provide useful suggestions for setting clear expectations by specifying the purpose of the journal in the specific course as well as connecting journal goals to a larger educational program or professional practice.
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Using Peer Review to Help Students Improve Their Writing