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About yourself? What are the objectives of the organization? The value of reflection: Critical reflection is a meaningful exercise which can require as much time and work as traditional essays and reports because it asks students to be purposeful and engaged participants, readers, and thinkers. Who do they serve? Do I agree or disagree with this argument? You may need to do some reflective writing as part of an assignment for your course. Often instructors will indicate to students what they expect of a reflection, but the general purpose is to elicit your informed opinions about ideas presented in the text and to consider how they affect your interpretation. Your instructors expect you to critically engage with concepts from your course by making connections between your observations, experiences, and opinions. What are your lessons for the future?

Reflective writing is part of a much larger reflective process which involves us in not simply doing things, but standing back and looking at what we have done, how we have done it and asking questions such as: Why did I do it this way?

You should maintain a formal tone, but it is acceptable to write in the first person and to use personal pronouns.

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Does this outfit work? For one thing, it's how we learn from our mistakes. Is this the only way I could have done this? Would I go out looking like this again? Of course our physical appearance is only the tip of the iceberg, there are many other attributes that contribute to our personality as well as the image we wish to present to the world. It requires conscious active thinking to increase our awareness. A reflection has three parts: Retell the facts, summarise the main points, describe the significant concepts or details. Analytical Reflection: What did you learn from this experience?

Reading Reflection Critical reflection requires thoughtful and persistent inquiry. What would you do differently? You need to relate your reflections to your past experiences.

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Taking time to think about how and why we do things the way we do is really the only way to improve our performance.

You do not need to discuss every experience or element of your placement. There are many useful tools available to help with reflective writing.

Experiential Reflection It is best to discuss your experiences in a work placement or practicum within the context of personal or organizational goals; doing so provides important insights and perspective for your own growth in the profession.

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How to Write a Reflection Paper