Rip van winkle essay questions

He goes to live with his daughter, who is married to a cheerful farmer Who is Diedrich Knickerbocker? They thought he was a spy.

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Nothing but the hair of his good, gray old head and beard left? His grown daughter What does Rip Van Winkle find out about his wife after he returns to the village His wife is dead How many years has Rip Van Winkle really been gone from the village 20 years Where does Rip Van Winkle go at the end of the story?

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Because he is such an extreme figure, he is only able to maintain this lifestyle through supernatural means. He is thrust into a new world, full of development and advancement, as one of the few people left who are willing to let things just happen. How can history have a negative effect? The crowd calls him a traitor and a Tory Rip Van Winkle sees a woman with a baby who looks familiar in the village after he returns from his nap. They are dressed in a strange way too What does Rip Van Winkle find when he goes to his house after he wakes up from his nap? The idea of taking, at least, what one can get is depicted in the Christmas celebrations with the Squire, who keeps as much of tradition going as he can, despite making some sacrifices. His daughter also almost misses out on her true love because of an ancient feud with no modern relevance. Perhaps, Rip began the story as a good man who was relaxed enough to see where life leads him. Did you hate it? Hint: Think about your own expectations of what you thought this story would be about after reading the first few paragraphs. Returning home to his wife,: she will scold him for not working. Purple, glassy, blue, Lordly, majestic What was Rip dreading? He is just like his father. They thought he was a spy.

How do the descriptive words in the introductory paragraphs prepare readers for the story? The Norton Anthology of American Literature.

The exception is that when Crayon deals with American Indians, it becomes clear that America and Europe are fairly similar after all in relation to this third set of cultures. After all, Crayon has a great deal of leisure time as he travels.

Rip van winkle essay questions
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