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At night the people illuminate their houses and shops. The day marks a mandatory ceremony of flag hoisting followed by singing of National Anthem at all the government establishments. We should strictly follow our fundamental duties and respect the constitution of our country then only we can help our country to become a developed nation where everyone lives in prosperity, peace and harmony and that will be the real tribute to our freedom fighters. Buildings and houses are decorated with flowers and flags. With the display of her military power in the celebrations, India assures her friends and warns her foes. Everyone should contribute their bit for the development of the nation and spread peace, love and harmony. It is celebrated by each and every individual irrespective of its caste, creed or religion and helps to build a nation which is united within and ready to overcome all the difficult challenges. It is the day when Constitution of India came into force in on 26th of January. Elected representative makes rules and condition for control over the democracy of India.

The Constitution of India replaced the Government of India Act as a governing document of India on the special day of 26 January in Our warrior force of society has divided into three sections, which is Army, Navy, Airforce.

The President hoists the flag marking the beginning of the celebrations. The immense sacrifices of our great freedom fighters and under the guidance of great leaders helped India to achieve its freedom on 15th August The army band plays the National Anthem.

Short essay on republic day

But before 15th August , we had been observing 26th January as our Independence Day. C cadets join the show. Shops are adorned with National Flags of different sizes. The advanced, sophisticated and powerful weapons of war in our possession showed with great enthusiasm. Rajendra Prasad became the first Indian president and Pt. The ceremony is also an official closing of the Republic Day celebrations by outstanding performances of the bands from all the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces. We celebrate this day every year. The Town Hall, the Parliament House and the secretariat and many big offices are worth seeing. Therefore, to celebrate the inception of the Constitution of India and her transition from dominion to Republic, India celebrates Republic Day on 26th January. The Republic Day is observed everywhere in the country. In Republic day, every year people respect with due regard and enthusiasm. In the celebration event, the top political leader of a foreign country is invited to be the chief guest. He unfurls the national flag on the historic fort, followed by national anthem. Lakhs of people gather together at the India Gate. After this, a procession consisting of tanks, armoured cars, groups of army, navy and airforce men, N.

The Veer Republic Day Republic day is one of the essential national festivals of India, and it is celebrated on 26th January every year. After that republic has taken place in India.

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Sukarno and his wife. But our constitution was not ready by that time. The importance of this day could not be ignored as this was the day when India became republic and where the government is for the people, of the people and by the people.

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The head of the school and college hoists the national hag and all students sing the national anthem in the chorus. Military bands play different tunes. There is a display of various arms, tanks, big guns and other weapons of war. It does not end, in the evening, the Raisina Hill, where the Rashtrapati Bhavan is situated, is illuminated which gathers the crowd as a glittering sight. It is the day which India celebrates to commemorate the occurrence of Indian Constitution into existence by replacing the Government of India Act But our constitution was not ready by that time. Folk dances and various stunts are also exhibited by the participants and army personnel on Rajpath. However, for four years , it was organized at different places like Irwin Stadium, Red Fort, Kingsway, and Ramlila Grounds but later started getting organized at Rajpath. Let your kids and children know about the history of celebrating Republic Day in India through the use of very simple essay on Republic Day. It is also celebrated to enjoy and remember the historic Independence of India from the British Rule.
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