Should students dress decently to class

We need to set the example, too, which is why as much as I personally love my yoga pants and would wear them 24 hours a day if I could okay, yes, I havewe need to model the appropriate dress in different life situations, especially in the workplace.

Resist the urge to throw on ratty sweats or your pajamas! If uniforms are made compulsory in colleges then they may not be able to develop that discretion at all.

students must wear uniform

The research that we will be looking at will discuss the history of school dress codes and legal issues that arose from it.

Which does beg an important question when it comes to kids: comfort.

why should we follow dress code

However, make-up for guys here is means the proper hair cut that make the guy looks more presentable. Then it will be the appropriate one. This outfit is all about comfort, so your footwear should be comfortable too.

Layer a t-shirt underneath for warmth and trend points. However, long sleeve will be not so comfortable for a guy because of the hot weather in Malaysia. It is a place where students from different backgrounds and cultures come to learn.

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What to Wear to a College Class: Outfit Ideas & Tips