The frustration of the third estate over the abuse by the upper class men and women

The frustration of the third estate over the abuse by the upper class men and women

However, she was lacking in wisdom and breadth of judgment. This pamphlet was radical for the time, because it questioned the right and legitimacy of the first two estates to represent the nation of France at all. He compared despotism to cutting down a tree to get at the fruit. However, the nobles were not prepared to oblige the king and consequently they were sent home. The King of France found in the cities—reconstituted in municipal form, what the citizen renders to the State, Edition: current; Page: [48] but what the barons would not or could not render—a real submission, regular subsidies, a militia capable of discipline. Nor were most of their readers inspired to want, or to work for revolution; they were mostly themselves aristocrats, lawyers, business people and local dignitaries, whose lot in the existing order was far from unhappy. They opposed the enclosure movement and the division of the village commons as the large proprietors gained at their expense.

She had a strong will, a power of rapid decision and a spirit of initiative. Fencing was not allowed and consequently all his crops might be eaten away, but the peasant could not drive away the game on account of the fear of the landlord.

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His view was that liberty was impossible without the separation of powers. For example, the paintings exemplified the prestige, privileged, and rich nature of the Nobles; these were conditions that the Third Estate could not experience. After all, that is the role of every woman in her own home. A strong king could deal with them effectively but unfortunately there were no strong kings in France after Louis XIV. The Archbishop of Strasbourg had an income of , dollars a year. They were profoundly influenced by the French philosophers and consequently were not in a mood to put up with the inferior status which the Ancient Regime assigned to them. To satisfy the diverse needs of all these people new houses and factories were built, which absorbed a stream of workers and peasants from the provinces. But how different is the spectacle of the poor man. It was above all a peasant insurrection, a movement of the people to regain possession of the land and to free it from the feudal obligations which burdened it, and while there was all through it a powerful individualist element—the desire to possess land individually—there was also the communist element, the right of the whole nation to the land; a right which we shall see proclaimed loudly by the poorer classes in

This room contained a masterful fireplace, which would have definitely been a sight to any peasant who would have had the honor to see it. He possessed a magnetic power of conversation and indomitable perseverance. It is the members of this class who became the leaders of the people of France in their revolt against the Ancient Regime.

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Inby the time he was twenty-five, he was ordained a priest. The price of salt was not uniform and varied from place to place and thereby added to the hardships of the people.

He had made that province prosperous by applying the principles of the most advanced economists.

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The Old Regime in France: Absolute Monarchy