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Three main analytical methods were used in the study: factor analysis, correlation analysis, and t-test.

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Customer satisfaction is one of the important tools to run a business and to achieve the mission statement. Tsegay and Shifera banking sector is considered as main recipient in recent economic upturn. Their educational level was mostly secondary education Furthermore, the mediation effect of customer satisfaction on the service quality and customer loyalty relationship is also to be examined. Unit Cost Birr Cents No. In the competitive banking industry, customer satisfaction is considered as the essence of success. Second objective is to evaluate the applicability of SERVPERF type of instrument in delinquent customer setting and to identify the number of service quality dimensions. Therefore, banks are discovering their strengths and weaknesses and then satisfy their needs and wants through delivering quality of service Birritu, Beside the full implementation of Business Process Re engineering BPR and Balanced Score Card BSC to bring about institutional transformation and stay in the market, for efficient and effective customer service delivery, construction and Page 6 business bank CBB has been working on automation of redesigned business processes through implementation of core banking software to change the stand alone system to networked one. Publication date: 27 April Abstract Purpose — The purpose of this paper is to investigate crucial factors that lead to customer loyalty in the mobile telephony sector in Greece, namely service quality and customer satisfaction. Page 9 1. According to Jahanshahi et al. Page 18 Caruana, A. Birritu, structure competition of Banking in Ethiopia. Many other models were developed in the following years along the range of the marketing industry.

The study will use both primary and secondary data. Similar results also have been found in other studies, where the researchers paid a lot of attention to the environment and quality of services in facilities 13, 46 and 49as well as the responsiveness of the personnel 13, In terms of sports, there is no doubt that football is an individual case in the spectrum of sports.

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Therefore, to tackle the aforementioned situation, a study on the effect of delivering service quality on satisfying customer with reference to the case company can be a fruitful empirical work. Therefore, conducting this research on the case bank will fill the existing empirical literature gap for the next significant researches.

The primary data will be collected through questionnaires from employees and potential customers while structured interviews will be for selected branch managers.

impact of service quality on customer satisfaction

Bank should be known about the expectation and perception of the customer. Page 20 Related Papers.

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Therefore, achieving high levels of service is one method to keep customers both satisfied and loyal Perng,

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