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QMS integrates the various internal processes within the organization and intends to provide a process approach for project execution.

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They are the people who actually execute the education have caused a surge in demand for TQM implemen- tasks. Applying total quality management to the educational process. As the education indus- try is a part of the overall service industry, this raises the need for a solid base to be developed to reach for high quality service in the education industry.

Charles, N. This also confirmed the va- out of which were returned which were valid and usable for lidity and reliability of the measurement items Haque, Sarwar, further analysis.

Concept of total quality management in higher education

Idrus, N. Eady, M. Hence, MI indices were used to find out the multi- The reliability of measures in this study was analyzed basing collinearity problems. Chi-Square Empowerment as a manifestation of total quality: A Tay, A. Making quality happen. Sudha, T. Academy of Man- Review, 4,

New Values in Education. Quality management is usually thought of, however, as a means to an end, not an end in itself.

concept of total quality management in higher education

Journal of Management Development, 20, Dan Reid, R. The conceptual change takes the emphasis away from customer, product and the role of management to the ownership and control of an improvement agenda by those, in education, who can effect real change: teaching staff and students.

Her empirical study suggested that, with limitations, five major Deming themes are adaptable to higher education: purpose; co-operative systems; improvement; leadership; and methods-processes.

Concept of total quality management in higher education

Thus, it is not unusual to observe the great potential of well as capital. The proverbs of total quality management: Recharting Spanbauer, S. Implementing Six Sigma. The impact of customer perceived service quality on cus- Senge, P. Scientometrics, 98 3 , Oakland, S. Quality management also encompasses those external processes which have been developed to account for the public funds they receive. Higher Cook, J. Beyond process: after TQM. Thus, H4 is also accepted. Creating the total quality effective school. The empowered classroom: Applying TQM to college teaching. The thesis is not concerned with the teaching and learning processes, though the PDCA cycle the Action Research Cycle did play a part in the project for both teachers and the researcher involved in this study of organizational development. The study could be extended to other areas as well as to other stakeholders so that a detailed insight could be obtained.

Academy of Man- Review, 4,

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