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Honest typing also helps our new coworkers or users of our libraries to fully understand the domain entities of the application.

More can happen here, but not in our example. In conjunction with correct typing, this option will warn us when we are trying to access a possibly null or undefined value. These are our interfaces. Protected members behave like private members with one exception: Any class derived from this class can access protected members.

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Which one would you say it is easier to read and modify? Building domain models can be done in pure JavaScript classes.

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OO Step 1 This is the entry point. Take a look at the working example in the demo link below. Image Credit Clean Architecture There are many videos and articles explaining clean architecture. In the case of an object, it's hard to even detect the amount of properties. Clean Typescript Code Use predictable naming conventions While linters and formatters make great allies in ensuring consistency across our codebases, there are some things that they still cannot help with: naming. With domain models, we want to represent some business logic and be able to enforce that in code. This could be any type of existing or future external API or persistence system such as a database. One rule is a user must be at least 18 years or older. How do you write a software system that is not dependent on anything other than a primary language? When I finished that project, I realized I could have done the same thing with functions and type definitions. An abstract class may contain both abstract and non-abstract members. All layers can only depend on a layer that is closer to the center. They can have members that may or may not have any implementation. We want to take this data and create an instance of our User without having to pass everything into the constructor. We are now importing a function named interactorConstructor instead of a class named Interactor.

Even if you swap it with something else in 1—2 years, the benefits you reap during that time would have accelerated your project enough to make it worth it.

Cause thing is, they may be right.

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TypeScript Tutorial: Functions, Classes and Interfaces