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Interested in finding event inspiration? Ball Mania is another new ball pit event that has hit the sweet spot with adults who want a few hours away from the worries of life. United States Trend 1: Instagram Museums Embracing the all-too-human desire to share everything you do on social media, the US has been hit with a new trend in pop-up events: interactive museums that are perfect for sharing on Instagram.

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Inventive festivals in Holland have found the solution: rent your own private toilet! From the It is an unusual event, certainly since But I also think that many of us would love to host all sort of unusual competitions, championships or festivals, but are too scared to do it.

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Here moves are more important than the music so at AGWC only the passion with which you play your imaginary guitar counts. From the I understand that this would be a very unusual event. Get ahead of the trends This global round-up is just a taste of the event trends currently making an impact around the world — but there are so many more to discover. Well, in Japan there is even a contest of crying babies. The Treehouse Venue, Scotland This beautiful 5-star treehouse venue is perfect for intimate gatherings or weddings and offers private dining with a view over Loch Goil. During the most recent Carnival week Feb , , thousands of carnival street parties were promoted across the country. Classical music concerts for children between the ages of and their parents are very popular on Eventbrite right now. Families, friends, and tourists who want to sample slices of mozzarella pizza in different restaurants across the city visit a host of venues and sample the cuisine. Families, friends, and tourists sample pizza from different restaurants. You could win gold in bog snorkeling or hay bale tossing at The World Alternative Games, held annually in Wales.

You could win gold in bog snorkeling or hay bale tossing at The World Alternative Games, held annually in Wales. Rock-Paper-Scissors Rock-Paper-Scissors is not an unusual game as for years and years decided for me and my friends who will go to the store or take out the garbage but a World Championship…that was new to me.

In the last Wednesday of August, over 20, revelers from all over the world gather in the tiny Valencian town to throw tons of over-ripe tomatoes from Extremadura at each other in one epic battle.

The whole community partakes in the creative nine-day celebration, whose main purpose is to raise money for the local school, the village hall, and the church. This ephemeral floral display in elaborate patterns and motifs along with the magnificent Gothic architecture surrounding the main square make for a truly a breathtaking visual spectacle in the heart of the Belgian capital.

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Expect a dog show, a torchlight procession, a formal dinner dance, as well as lots of fun games and contests. A black 'obby 'oss parades around the streets, dancing and attempting to catch young women under its cloth, followed by musicians and the village people singing the old May Day songs.

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What started out as an event to help them solve this debate has grown with the help of social networks. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the event and Worldrps.

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Some of the most unusual events around the world.