Writing a press release for new product

The headline should be catchy but also easy to understand. If you need inspiration, review your favorite blogs and online news sources and pay attention to the headlines that make you want to click to the story.

Sample press release template

But unless a product is genuinely innovative, few journalists will find it newsworthy or want to write about it. Instead, they want to hear why they should use it, how it will change their lives, how you came up with it, and what makes it so different from anything else on the market. Step 1: Define Your Goals Forget about pitching or content for a moment. Craft an appealing headline: Use the main benefit from your press release to write a headline that is both clear and compelling. Instead, start with your goals. And if you can get people interested in your story, they are also more likely to try out your product. What are you trying to accomplish? To make things simple, track all these interactions with a CRM. Get through that and the biggest hurdle is behind you. But keep in mind. Need some additional help on your upcoming product press release? Indicate contact information for media follow-up name, e-mail, phone number and include a URL that features photographs of the product at the end of the press release. First, you can make a list of the media outlets whose readers and viewers would be most interested in your news, and send your release directly to them via email. Example 2: Reference a related story This sort of pitch refers to a recent news article that the journalist has written and ties it to your story. Because journalists are super-busy.

What Is a Press Release? This is a great place to know about topics they are keen about. Pause your pitching and send a few more relationship building emails. And many people make the mistake of doing that. With what effect?

event promotion press release

For example, "If you'd like to learn more about the transformer or demo the toy, call our public relations department at For best results, include the unique selling points of your product in the header.

You might not be able to pull that off, but you can get close — with newsjacking. To date, more than million cups of the brand's original recipe for Bulletproof Coffee have been consumed by people all over the country. Make sure you use only email for pitching — not the phone, on social media or through a form.

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How to Write a Product Press Release: 13 Steps (with Pictures)